How To Enter:

ALL EVENTS - Online entries only.

Please note that on-line entries will open during September 2021 and close at Midnight 13 October 2021.

You may pay via EFT. You will need to click on the relevant entry link and create an entry basket, at the Summary page click on “Pay later”. Then transfer the required amount via EFT into the account below and state "178 + your name" as a reference. Account Holder Name: Durbanville High School Bank Name: Absa Branch Name & Number: Santyger: 632005 Account Number: 01005353935 Account Type: Cheque Please forward proof of payment to, including your Name and ID number to reference payment. We will then complete your entry and you will receive confirmation of entry to the email address listed on your profile.

Online entries are facilitated by RACETEC. (087 820 7223)



Please note that all Road event entries, timing chips, timing and results will be managed through RaceTec.  PPA memberships do not apply. The Road events are sanctioned by Cycling South Africa and participants who are not a member of Cycling SA will be required to purchase a day license. A RaceTec chip is required for timing purposes.

A Durbie Dash race number will be issued and a replacement RaceTec chip can be purchased at Registration at a cost of R150 if required.




Please note that all MTB event entries, boards, timing and results will be managed through RaceTec . This implies that PPA memberships do not apply and that any MTB event participant who are not a member of Cycling SA will be required to purchase a day license.


Timing is managed by RaceTec with a permanent RaceTec MTB Board. Please note that the timing Chip is embedded in your permanent RaceTec MTB Board. If you already own a Permanent RaceTec MTB Board, please remember to bring your MTB board to the event. Replacement RaceTec MTB boards can be purchased at Registration at the cost of R50 before the event.



You will issued with a Durbie Dash  event sticker at Registration which you will need to apply across the top of the MTB Board over the RaceTec Logo. You will also receive a Seeding sticker that will match the start group you have been seeded in. The seeding sticker needs to be applied in the bottom right corner in the provided square area that says “Seeding”. Please note that you will not be able to start the event without your RaceTec MTB Board.